To sum up, we will consider five essential missions for the GDCA:

  1. It provides to the Chilean aviation and foreign operators in Chile, with the necessary services for the security and regularity of air navigation. It participates directly in the planning of the aeronautical infrastructure, contributing to the national integration and regional development;
  2. Responsible for the security of the civil aviation system. It has to keep watch over the application and observance of the aeronautical rules in the country. It performs the certification and technical control of the airplanes, the inspection and control of the aeronautical operators and industry, control and inspection of aeronautical licenses.
  3. It guarantee the quality of the formation of the aeronautical personnel, through its Institute of Superior Education designated: Aeronautical Technical School,
  4. Closely related with adjacent organizations in a daily way, such as international organizations, general aviation, airlines, maintenance centers, aviation schools and different public services.
  5. Prevention Agent, preserving the environment, developing the necessary environment impact studies, accordingly with the national legislation


Name: General of Aviation Mr. Jorge Coddou Braga
Position: General Director of the GDCA
Address: Av. Miguel Claro 1314, Providencia, Santiago, Chile
Phone: (56 2) 205 2092 FAX: (56 2) 209 8338
Internet: /



The GDCA of Chile is a governmental Institution that rules of the civil aviation matters in Chile, with his headquarter in Santiago and with local authorities in every city or place where it has a public aerodrome or international airport. In order to maintain and certificates the technical actuation of the whole ground network of navies, telecommunication systems, etc. The GDCA it has the availability of testing and repair the equipment installed in the Control Towers, Area Centers of Air Traffic, ground systems, etc.


The General Directorate of Civil Aviation of Chile has all the necessary software either to manage the administrative business, as well as the technical infrastructure. Normally it has the highest level of available technology because it has to deal with aviation security. It has an Information Department with functions extended not only with Santiago the capital, but national range.



In a national sense, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation has 2962 employees, from which 256 are Air Traffic Controllers, 79 Meteorology Professionals, 319 Specialist in Fire extinction and Rescue, 416 professionals in different areas, 924 technicians with different specialty, 53 Aeronautical electronics, 66 airport electrical.


The General Directorate of Civil Aviation of Chile is member of the United Nations through its specialized organization named International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). In the same way, the GDCA it manages the Meteorology Direction of Chile, who is a member of the World Weather Organization, who belong to the UN also.

Taking this into account, the Chilean aeronautical organization has in its big folder, national and big development related with a brand new airport infrastructure, as a result of a national policy, considering private participation in the administration. We must consider this act as the most important development.

Of course, in the technical area every field is taking advantage to the latest technology available on the shelf.


Name of the project: CNS-ATM (Communication, Navigation, Surveillance/Air Traffic Management) Name of the project: Worldwide Area Forecast System (WAFS)
Summary: Satellite Navigation by GPS plus geostationary communication satellites plus ground stations. Summary: National Weather System in USA plus comms satellite


Institutions involved: FAA, ICAO Institutions involved: WMO
Name of the project: WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System)  
Summary: Ground Stations.  
Institutions involved: FAA  


One area, which needs more attention, is Remote sensing for climatology and to serve the private area such as agriculture, fishing, mining, etc. Related with the use of the satellite technology the GDCA of Chile has the most interest in using those related with the civil aviation: Flight Inspection, Cartography, GPS navigation, Communications, etc.