ENTEL Corporate Overview

ENTEL is the largest domestic and international long distance carrier in Chile, and a leader in providing integrated voice, internet and data communications services through its own network. It has an integral telecommunications platform, which includes personal telephony, local telephony, fiber-optics networks, submarine cables, satellite telecommunications systems and a large number of latest-technology products.

As of December, 1998, more than 4000 employees were part of the company’s staff, including both the parent company and its subsidiaries in the country.

Company Highlights

ENTEL's strategy is to be an integral provider of telecommunications services, by means of direct access to the customer through wired and wireless telecommunications systems, consolidating itself as the leading Corporation in the Chilean telecommunications industry.

ENTEL Current Satellite Facilities

ENTEL Contact Information

Name : Ms. Mónica Lipari
Position : Director International Coordination
Address : 2687 Andres Bello Av., 14th floor, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile
Phone/Fax : 562- 360 2613 / 562 –360 2868
E- Mail : mlipari@entel.cl
Internet : http://www.entelchile.net