Digital cadastre through the Geographic Information System (GIS), in order to control all the geodesic aspects in Antofagasta,II Region in Chile, covering an area of 300 x 300 Kms.

Local geoid Model in the city of Antofagasta supported by GPS technology.

Design of a Geographic Information System to determine the damage caused by an unexpected Tsunami.


Position: Director de Investigation
Address: Avenida Angamos 601- Antofagasta – Chile
Fonos: 637311-637310 / Fax: 637460




The Universidad de Antofagasta through the Survey Engineering department has installed a Geoinformatic Laboratory in which we are starting a new project related to space technology such as: Remote Perception, GPS Systems and GIS systems.

Engineer Level + accessories
2 Geodesics GPS Trimble Navigation brand name, Model 4000SST + accessories
Software’s GPSurvey and TRIMNET.
Geoinformatic Lab from Engineering Department in Survey counts with:
High resolution format Scanner A4, Plotter with photographic quality, 4 high capacity computers
Software’s Autocad, Arc/View y Arc/Info
3 computers Pentium dual de 256 MB, 300 Mz y 2 GigaB.
1 computer Pentium II de 36 MB, 200 Mz y 2,2 GigaB.
1 Plotter HP 2500 high resolution of photographic quality.
1 Scanner 1000 dpi format A4.
2 Equipment GPS Geodetics Trimble Navigation, Models 4000-SST
1 Key software Arc/View.
1 Key software Are/Info.
1 Key software GPSurvey + TRIMNET



In regards to the academics from the Department, we have a specialist in Remote Sensing (CIAF-Colombia-1990) and an academic studying a post-grade in Dynamic Geodesy in Brazil.

The rest of the academics are Survey Engineers and Civil Engineers that in this moment are developing different pre-grade tasks in their specialty where they are starting to apply their knowledge.


Name of the project: Local Geoide model from Antofagasta city supported by technology GPS Name of the project Geographic design information system for the study of Rio Loa disembogue environmental impact to Taltal Area
Summary: The idea is to develop measurements in site of all Geodesic wed from Antofagasta City formed by 30 Point fixer monuments. It will be level to define the physic Geode and then a GPS system will be measured to model a Complete Geode. Summary: A GIS will be design to allow bringing in information that in this moment is spread from analogy format to ArcInfo. The main objective is to leave a final system to cover gradually all the databases in, as we get more information from site.
Name of the project: Digital cataster through GIS to control all the geodesics from Antofagasta, II region. Name of the project: System design geographic information to determine the produced damages in an eventual tsunami
Summary: A complete digitalization will be developing from the II region that covers approx. 300 X 300 Km. To a scale of 1: 250.000. Then a GIS will be develop to supervise all the geodesic point fixer either official as privately own that are high precision, so they can be used for different cartographic purposes from the region. Summary: A SIG will be develop allowing to have a covering in Antofagasta where a flow reference datum will be installed to mark the places where main damages will be produced, the community areas that will be affected.